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This is a compilation of tracks I made between Xenotech (completed in 2006) and the start of my foray into My Little Pony fan songs (late 2011). It spans several genera and subgenera of electronic, rock, hiphop and easy listening, both vocal and instrumental. There are even a couple video game music remixes in there. So there's bound to be something for everyone.

Additionally, all tracks were re-rendered into 24 bit WAV, and some were even remastered, making this my highest quality album to date. It will set the standard for all my future albums. And at a hefty 65 minutes running time, you're going to want to grab some lunch for this one. Hope you all enjoy!


released November 5, 2012

All music composed, performed and engineered by FraGmenTd (Sean Fischer), except "Rocks to the Chest", which is a cover of a song originally written by Leila R. Wilson "Woofle"



all rights reserved


fragmentd Portland, Oregon

Hi there! I'm FraGmenTd. I'm an independent musician/songwriter. My music spans varying styles of electronic, rock, orchestral, and everything in between, and from original works to videogame remixes, and, most recently, fan songs inspired by the popular cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

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Track Name: Intro
Greetings. My designation is FragBot. Primary function: generation of aesthetically pleasing auditory stimuli. Press the "play" button to begin musical playback. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to auditory stimuli can cause headaches, hearing loss, and liquification of brain matter, followed by death. Please consult the owners manual before operating.
Track Name: BSL/SRX
Warning: no entry without authorization
Track Name: Fighting Who
Ever since I was a kid I never felt I fit in
Couldn't trade blow for blow, just take it on the chin
Didn't change as I grew up cause I'm still fighting the tide
Just gotta knuckle up cause I'm still going for a ride
Finding out that all my friends around me are fake
And there's no end in sight, feeling I'm about to break
Learning how to cope with it has been so hard
But like anybody else I'm just playing my cards

Lose to you, I'm mad at me
Fighting who? It can't be
When I see the few that see me
I know the hardest fight's inside of me

It took
So many years until it came to my mind
I was making the same mistakes time after time
Nothing anyone told me could drag it off the shelf
I just needed some time to find the answers myself
But the days go on and I wonder if I'm right
I know the ones against myself are the hardest fights
And though the journey is hard I know I don't have a choice
Cause I ain't going down without making some noise

Everything that I am is what I'm choosing to be
It's not from anyone else, I choose my destiny
And anything that I become is only my fault
No one else's advice taken with a grain of salt
Formulating my plan to get back on my feet
Give benefit of doubt to everyone that I meet
Cause bettering myself is more important than them
I know I'm making a start, now to see it to the end

Lose to you, I'm mad at me
Fighting who? It can't be
When I see the few that see me
I know the hardest fight's inside of me
Track Name: Gleam
Space walking
That's what I feel like I'm doing sometimes
I coast through life
Letting things pass me by
Few things get me to stop
And see what's really there
In the distance
I see my ship gleaming but I don't seem to care

Took me a long, long time
To realize
Life is full of opportunities
If you know where to look
But in that time
A lot of them had already passed
It's like how you don't know what you've got
Until it's gone

Don't wait or stop and think
Just do what makes you happy
Our spirits feed on others' bliss
Just don't make them feel badly
Don't wait or stop and think
Use your freedom of choice
Don't exert your will upon another
Just exist as another voice

Just exist as another voice